In their sights:

The dark arts of digital alcohol marketing

Our digital environments and social networks are inundated with predatory, ungated marketing of addictive and harmful products.

Alcohol companies capitalise on high-tech advertising models to track, profile and target children and young people. This is a problem because exposure to alcohol marketing leads them to drink alcohol from an earlier age, drink more frequently and at dangerous levels.

Without any safeguards or appropriate regulation, alcohol marketers use technology and trickery to hone in on Australians’ love of sharing cultural and sporting moments.

Leading Australian researchers are uncovering the dangers of digital marketing, including the unethical collection and use of data, which has been presented to regulators, policymakers and politicians at Parliament House in Canberra. FARE is calling for urgent reform as part of the Federal Government’s response to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Digital Platforms Inquiry.