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It’s time to double your impact.

As footy finals fever descends upon us, so too will a ramped-up, deliberate and calculated alcohol advertising assault

And who is the industry targeting with this barrage of booze?


Behind the façade of grown men brandishing beer brands, is a small child simply wanting to emulate their hero.

Embedding alcohol advertising in sport normalises alcohol consumption among children. We know this, and so do the big booze brands.

A study of 164 children aged 5 to 12 years found that 76 per cent were able to correctly match at least one sport with its relevant sponsor. This normalisation of alcohol can lead kids to drink, and at dangerous levels.

This isn’t right.

Which is why we need your help.

As a keen sporting fan, like you, we know there is strength in numbers.

By football finals week we want to double our numbers and double our impact by showing big booze that targeting children is just not on.

We want you to ask just one friend, colleague or family member to join our campaign now.  Share this this page with them right now and ask them to take action.

You can also encourage your friends to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and as always tweet with the hashtag #EndAlcAdInSport.

Together we can double our numbers, double our impact, and end alcohol advertising in sport, for good.   

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