Campaign updates

EAAiS national launch

10 October 2018

The End Alcohol Advertising in Sport campaign officially launched in Melbourne on Wednesday.

The event drew huge media interest and revealed a powerful lineup of sporting legends who are backing the campaign.

At the launch, FARE’s Michael Thorn said the campaign would begin by calling for an end to the exemption allowing alcohol companies to advertise on TV during children’s viewing hours when sport is televised.

“Our first objective is to end the unfair exemption that allows alcohol advertising on television before 8.30 when sport is broadcast. This exposes millions of children to alcohol ads every day and throughout the year.”

The importance of the campaign was highlighted with the release of new research that showed the 2018 NRL and AFL Grand Finals were saturated with alcohol advertisements.

With such strong support already from the Australian public, we’re confident the national launch is the beginning of the end of alcohol advertising in sport.

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In the coming months we’ll continue to highlight why is alcohol advertising so harmful to children, which codes are failing to protect our children and which alcohol producers are hell-bent on targeting children to secure their future customers? We’ll also showcase the shining lights; the individuals, sporting organisations and corporates setting a better example and helping build a safer and heathier sporting future.

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